What we Offer

To get some change into our nursery school's everyday life, we also plan trips to the museum, the puppet theater and we strengthen the solidarity between the children by visits to the zoo or walking tours.

Children enjoy seasonal crafting and rehearsing for our events like Easter Celebration or the popular "Laternenfest", etc.

Swimming and skiing classes promote the children's coordinated movements and motivates them to do sports. The children enjoy their small successes in all their activities which they pursue with great ambition. Of course the tooth fairy will visit us: in a group of children of the same age, we take the children's fear of the dentist and make sure they get adequate health care.

Regularly children suffer from language problems: With the help of a language therapist, problems are treated and prevented.

One of the highlights of our offer are our English classes (HELEN DORON) for our youngest children. It is easy for children to learn a language. With games, kids learn their first words in English and get familiar with this foreign language. This is part of our preparatory pre-school programme which helps six-year-olds get ready for their first day at school.

Many years of experience and social-pedagogic knowledge make us your reliable partner for nurturing your children's development processes.