In our cosy crèche we care for your toddler from the age of one to three! Besides everyday duties like changing nappies and giving the bottle, we focus on physical and non-verbal forms of communication.

Services in the Crèche:

We offer competent and professional counselling and caring for you little sweetheart in the first years of their life.

  • Hasengruppe.
  • Zwergengruppe.
  • Loving and attentive care by our professional pedagogues and assistants.
  • Main focus of our crèche: small groups of up to 10 children, attended by one pedagogue and one assistant.
  • Individual support in emotional and physical areas.
  • Vital meals.
  • Toilet training.
  • Daily exercise in our garden or in the gym hall.
  • Intensive cooperation with parents.
  • Trips with parents.
  • Special and individual education in small groups.
  • Permanent support of the child's personality development in close cooperation with the parents.
  • Our special crèche toilets help with the potty training.